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Title: Across a Crowded Hallway
Author: Trashy Woman
Pairing: Warrick/Brass
Spoilers: Redrum
Rating: PG
Category: Angst
Summary: Jim and Warrick’s relationship suffers. Jim’s POV
Archive: Yes
Feedback: Always appreciated
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. No profit is made from this writing.

Jim knew he was in trouble the moment he looked down the hallway and met Warrick’s eyes.

What Jim saw took his breath away. It was a look of utter betrayal, disappointment and hurt.

Jim immediately recognized the fact that he was busted. There was no way now to hide his involvement. The insidious scheme had been hatched, plotted and played out in the press and it had gotten completely fucked-up! But then, he knew from the beginning that it would never work. This team was just too damn smart.

Jim watched as Warrick turned and strode away. He tried to get through the sea of cops and reach him before he disappeared, but it was too late. Warrick was gone.

Catherine called a meeting. She’d requested that he be there, but Jim just couldn’t bring himself to attend. He just couldn’t face the man that he’d been in love with for years. It was hopeless now. He’d lost Warrick’s respect. He knew it when he looked into Rick’s eyes from across that crowded hallway.

Jim was pissed! He wanted to throttle Catherine, Keppler, the under sheriff and anyone else who crossed his path that evening. He even wanted to throttle Gil for leaving Catherine in charge. His rage was infinite and knew no boundaries. God… he really needed a drink!

But, Jim Brass was not a stupid man and he wasn’t above begging for forgiveness. He figured that time would calm Warrick down and he’d be able to make amends. At least, he’d give it his best shot.

What did he have to lose?

A few nights later, across a crowded hallway, Jim’s eyes once again locked with Rick’s.

Rick gave a small smile and nodded a greeting in passing. Jim nodded back and smiled to himself. There was still hope after all.



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