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Title: The Perfect Seduction
Author: Trashy Woman
Pairing: Warrick/Brass
Rating: NC-17
Category is: Mostly smut with a lot of comfort thrown in.
Summary: Jim is upset and Warrick is the only one with the cure.
Archive: Yes
Feedback: Always appreciated
Disclaimer: I don‘t own them. Mores the pity, but I really don’t mean any harm.

Warrick stood in the doorway to their bedroom and watched Jim pace. He was really worked up over this one. The case was a triple homicide and it was making his lover crazy. Warrick desperately wanted to calm Jim down and make all the bad things in life go away. In this, he could use their relationship to his advantage. Jim, even when stressed, could never resist him.

“Is every thing all right?” Warrick inquired, while leaning on the door frame.

Jim stopped mid-pace and looked up into Warrick’s eyes. Warrick could tell that this case wasn’t going well. It was etched into the worry lines on Jim’s face.

“It’ll be all right as soon as we get this creep behind bars,” Jim snarled.

“I know, baby. And we will get him--I promise. We’re the best crime lab in the country. We didn’t get that title for nothin’.”

“I’m glad someone is sure of himself,” Jim replied a bit snidely.

Warrick just shrugged it off as he reached out and grabbed Jim, pulling him into a full body press.

“What are you doing, Warrick?”

“Exactly what you want me to do. Unless--I’m completely wrong. But then, maybe you’re not in the mood. If that’s the case, how about I tell you what I’d like to do to you, and then you can better judge if you’re in the mood or not?”

Jim got that look in his eyes. The one that showed definite signs of interest.

Warrick smirked.

“First, I’d place my tongue at the space between your eyes and I would blaze a wet trail down your nose, across your lips, along your luscious throat, and stop at the spot between your nipples.”

Warrick smiled as he felt Jim’s flaccid cock begin to stir.

“I would lick and suckle those sweet, hard nipples for so long that you would feel your balls being pulled up through your body.”

Jim’s cock was now pointing in an upward direction at Warrick’s stomach. His eyes rolled up to watch his lover as Warrick spun his tale of seduction.

“Your balls would suck into your body and travel up your chest, drawn by the power of my lust for you. They would beat against your heart and you’d beg me to take you, but I wouldn’t. I’d torture every inch of your body with tender kisses and gentle caresses until you pleaded for mercy."

Jim was fully erect now and pressing hard against his grinning lover. Jim had his arms wrapped around Warrick’s neck. He pulled Rick’s head down and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me.”

“Ever the romantic, aren’t you?”

“I am romantic,” Jim argued, "but nothing in this life compares to being fucked by you. Fuck me, Rick. I need you deep within me.”

Warrick bent his head and kissed Jim passionately, backing him slowly toward the bed. He began to unbutton Jim’s shirt and when they reached the edge of the bed, Warrick slipped it off his shoulders. In one swift move, Warrick pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it on the floor and laid Jim down gently on the bed.

Warrick pulled both of their pants off quickly and slithered up his lover’s body. He kissed Jim on the mouth hard, shoving his tongue inside. Jim moaned and pressed upward to attain more contact. Warrick held him in place. His exploration was not to be hurried.

Warrick moved from Jim’s mouth to the soft skin on the side of his neck. He nibbled and then licked his way across to the hollow of Jim’s throat. Jim moaned and gasped at the ministrations form his talented lover, all thoughts of the case ceased to exist.

He licked his way down to Jim’s erect nipples and sucked one gently into his mouth. The other he rolled between his thumb and forefinger. This caused another hearty moan from Jim. “Do you liked that, sweetheart?”

“Oh God, Rick! Please! I need you to fuck me now!” Jim begged.

“Soon, love, soon.” Warrick promised.

Warrick appeared determined to re-map Jim’s body, the sweep of fingers and tongue moving in a slow progression down his torso in sensual torture. The last functioning brain cell in Jim’s mind said that right now he could die a happy man. Rick’s talented mouth completely bypassed the center of Jim’s need, and continued down, detouring long enough to taste the inside of one thigh and then the other. Warrick pushed his legs up, and Jim gasped in pleasure as the tip of that wicked tongue caressed his very core. He had to consciously relax the grip his hands had taken on Rick’ scalp as his fingers threaded through the tight braids of hair. Warrick’s tongue circled Jim’s puckered entrance before the tip speared into the center, and Jim gave himself up to the climax that slammed through him.

Continuing to taste him, Warrick did not give him time to rest. Any softening of his cock was soon reversed as Jim was again writhing with pleasure. With a final kiss pressed to his wet, quivering hole, Warrick moved back up his body to wrap his arms around Jim. His fingers were still entwined in his hair, and Jim tugged Warrick down to kiss him hungrily, the dark, musky taste of himself was still on his younger lover’s lips. Rolling them over, Warrick slid his hands down to Jim’s hips and thrust against him. Jim pulled back and looked down questioningly.

His eyes were the color of molten emeralds. “I want you in me, Jim.” Warrick always knew what Jim really needed.

Almost climaxing at the breathy request, Jim hurried to comply. He quickly stretched Warrick, as his man encouraged him in that breathless voice and Jim whimpered with need. Stuffing a pillow under Warrick’s hips, Jim pressed into that tight heat slowly. Warrick clenched around him, ripping a groan from him as he sheathed himself and waited for his love to adjust. Jim pressed the long legs wider and adjusted his thrusts until he heard Rick gasp in pleasure. Knowing he had found the correct angle to hit his sweet spot, Jim pounded into him, losing himself in the sensations. Jim reached down and wrapped his fingers around Warrick’s’ long, leaking cock and began to squeeze and tug. Warrick arched up, splattering his belly as he came, and the sight tumbled Jim over the edge. Pulling back, he thrust deep and climaxed with a hiss, before collapsing onto Warrick’s chest.

Breathless and spent, they wrapped their arms around each other in rapt contentment. Tomorrow the brutal reality of life and it’s many horrors could come back with a vengeance, but tonight they had each other and all was well with the world.

They slept, dreamed impossible dreams and knew love. The real world was faraway, never to touch what they had built.



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